HUSH LLC fired me for having Iranian Girlfriend

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I was fired when my superiors found out I have an Iranian girl friend.

I was a Senior Electrical Marine Engineer at HUSH LLC, in Manama, Bahrain. I had a 2 year labor contract with option to renew. After serving HUSH for 1 year and 5 months, I was terminated when the company's Bahraini liaison attended an office party and met my Iranian girl friend. This led to my immediate dismissal. My supervisor at HUSH LLC told me directly that our Bahraini hosts connected to Qapco, Noga Holdings, and the local government have the right to make such demands.

Apparently the Bahraini ruling class don't like Iranians in the first place, but because my girl friend is Shia and because she seems western cultured, the Bahraini liaison suggested she might be a spy and insisted that HUSH LLC immediately release me from service.

Naturally, I was deeply offended when my superiors implied that my girl friend was a spy who was just using me to get closer to our projects. She never asked me anything about my work. I emphatically ensured them that she is definitely not a spying on us, but I never lost my composure or demonstrated any disrespect.

Two of my mates petitioned our leadership on my behalf and one week later they got fired too. This is a disaster. We all lost our right to work in Bahrain even though we didn't break any laws and we respected the local customs. I had to return to America, and because she comes from Iran, my girlfriend can't get a visa to follow me. My co-workers had to return to Norway and UK. All of our lives have been disrupted. I feel I am to blame for ruining the life of my mates, and at the same time, I feel I have been terribly mistreated for no reason.

I tried to initiate a labor dispute with HUSH LLC, and they reminded me that I don't actually work for them – my contract was signed with HUSH's Bahraini partners before the company was officially launched. That is true, and in reviewing our contracts, my friends and I have found that unlike new HUSH employees, we don't have a non-disclosure clause in our worthless contracts.

That means we are free to disclose:

1. The address of the HUSH workshop in Sitra.

2. The full extent of HUSH HUB surveillance of crew and international port communications.

3. The full compliment of gear HUSH HUBs consist of.

4. The Manama Bahrain based front company which keeps the books for HUSH LLC

5. How to spot HUSH HUB equipment on a vessel.

6. Which companies have had HUSH HUBs installed and which are in the ***.

7. The names of Skaugen and In-Q-Tel staff who manage, train, and deliver equipment to HUSH LLC technicians.

8. Which objective is higher than curbing terrorism and piracy.

To keep the door of compromise open, I will keep quiet about:

1. The threats made against me by HUSH company officers/partners.

2. The settlement I was offered in return for accepting a gag agreement including exact details of the gag limitations.

3. Pirate negotiation.

Since I have been deported, I have no way to fight a labor dispute in Bahrain. That doesn't really matter anyway since the Bahraini Liaison already told me the local partnership has been dissolved to avoid accountability. Anyway, those responsible for tossing us out of Bahrain are extremely well connected. I've been threatened, I've been repeatedly intimidated, and watched by hard looking Bahrain or Saudi thugs who wouldn't speak when spoken to.

If anyone is interested in what I have to say, just email me, I'll put your name on a mass-mailing list. I'll give it a couple months of "cool-down" time, and if I'm still not cool about this, I'll disclose everything to everyone on my mailing list and the POCs in Royal Dutch Shell and KBR.

Review about: Poor Working Conditions.

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